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Who can battle with the Lord? Allow God to fight your battles for you and enjoy the victory
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There is not a friend like Jesus. No matter the disappointment you have seen in life, trust in the Lord to turn around your situation
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When you surround yourself with God fearing people and you constantly meditate on the word of God, you become unbeatable in life
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God is never late. He is always on time. Relax as you wait for your breakthrough
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Patience is the most outstanding quality of love. Love one another as Christ loved us and gave his life for us
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Happy new month
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Bless the Lord o my soul.Read Psalm 34 Show the Lord that you love him
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When all else seems to fail, put your trust in the Lord, for he is able to make the impossible possible
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When all else seems to fail, put your trust in the Lord, for he is able to make the impossible possible
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Have a great weekend. Do what makes you happy
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We must never be tired of praying Pray until something happens
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If you believe, say Amen
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Delay is not denial. This month, may the Lord turn your delayed blessings to testimonies in Jesus name.
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In everything give thanks to God.
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When you think you have nothing, remember that God is more than enough
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Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Whatever he has promised, he will do. Be patient
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Happy Easter to everyone
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Christ is the reason for Easter
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As this month comes to an end today, everything in your life that does not glorify God will come to an end today in the name of Jesus
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Getting set for the weekend? Do what makes you happy. Enjoy yoursef
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Thank God it's Friday! Have a fun-filled weekend
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