Getting Started

What is Expressom ?

Expressom is a microblogging network. Microblogging is a popular method of communication on the Internet. Through microblogs, consumers exchange short messages and thereby share interesting content. In addition, Expressom texts, attaches links, videos, pictures and other files to your messages.

What are the first things I should do when I sign up ?

Perhaps the most important thing you should do as soon as you join your network is to fill out your profile so your colleagues can find you easily and you can communicate fully.

- Fill out the basic parameters of your profile: name, location, birthday, gender and tags.
- Upload a photo to your profile
- Complete contact details. You can complete your accounts just like other popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Once you have properly completed your profile, you are ready to communicate with other people in the network. You can start to run reports and track messages to other users. You can view the already established groups to choose which ones to join or you can create new groups.

Who do I follow and how do I follow them ?

You can keep track of all that you consider to be interesting and useful, whether you know them or not. You can click on the tab Members to see a list of all those who have already joined the network. Check there to see if you know anyone. This can be quite difficult if you work in a large company and the network has several thousand users. In this case you can use the search engine to find people with whom you work in a team because some of them may have already joined.