What is a connect ?

The connect is where you find yourself immediately after login Expressom. This page shows you the Activity Feed from the day. Here you can see all the messages of consumer groups and external sources that you are following.

The connect is divided into three columns and the important content is aggregated in the middle column. You can filter what you want to see in the middle column by selecting any topic in the left column. The right column contains helpful information, such as a list of users who were online last and currently popular tags in the entire network of Expressom.

Dashboard filter "Activity Feed"

The dashboard feed, Activity Feed is the first and most important filter tab on your dashboard. With it you can see the activity and posts of all of the people and groups you are following.

Dashboard filter "@Me"

The filter tab, @Me is another important filter for your communication with other users in Expressom. In this filter you see all the posts that mention your name. These posts are all arranged in chronological order.

Dashboard filter "Private Posts"

The filter tab, Private Posts is a bit more special. It shows you the personal communication between you and other users. This filter has several tabs which you can further filter. You can filter by: the messages received from your friends, messages sent to you or other users can monitor only the communications between you and another user of a particular Expressom.

Dashboard filter "Commented"

The filter Commented helps you navigate through the many discussions that occur around the posts in Expressom. This filter shows all of your posts that have at least one comment and they are arranged chronologically by date and time that the comments were added. If any of the posts have comments that you have not read, you will see a number in yellow next to the filter so you can easily keep track of all discussions.

Dashboard filter "Favorites"

The filter Favorites is extremely useful because it helps you quickly find any posts that you thought were important or interesting. Adding a post to the list of favorites is easy; simply click on the gray star on the right side of every post. In this filter you can only see favorite posts that you have selected.

Dashboard filter "RSS Feeds"

In the filter RSS Feeds you can view all posts that are automatically imported through external sources to the profiles of users or groups that you follow.

Dashboard filter "Everybody"

The filter Everybody shows you exactly all the public posts of all users in Expressom, whether you follow them or not. It is a useful way of finding new users and groups that might be interesting to you. Posts in this filter are arranged in chronological order.