Posting Status Updates

To create a post in Expressom, simply click on the orange button in the left column of dashboard or shortcut P. Not only can you post text, you can also attach links, pictures, videos and files. At the top of this form, you will see share something with. You can choose to share something with your followers, any of your groups, or you can send a private message to a user. When you select a user, all you have to do is start typing the name of the person or their user alias and you will get pre search results.

Reference to Users

You can mention any specific person by adding an @ symbol before their name - for example, @username. Thus, the users name becomes a link to their account. This will also send an e-mail notification to the user that you mention that user in your post. Also this post will appear in the section @Me in their dashboard.

Private Messages

You can send a private message to a user in two ways - either by their profile, select the top right button Send a Private Message or when creating a new post, select user (private message) from the menu and enter their user name. This message will be sent only to the user, it will not be seen by any other users in the network. The user will receive it in their dashboard in the section Private Messages, and they will receive an e-mail notification.


Tagging messages are used for marking keywords that are mentioned in order to be easily tracked and indexed. Tags are made merely by placing the symbol # (hash) before each keyword. Thus, the keyword is a link that leads to all other posts that contains the same word.

Resharing a post

Resharing is to repeat/quote someone’s post. Say you come across an interesting post and you want to republish it so the people who follow you can see it too – you reshare it. In order to reshare post you want, just open the top post menu and click Reshare button. You can also reshare a post if you click the Share link at the bottom of the post's body.