How do I use tags ?

Tags are words in specific posts, which will automatically be converted into a link connected to search results for the word. To make a word a tag simply put a # before it. For example, if you type in a post This is a tagging #example then the system will automatically recognize that the word #example is the tag and converts it to a link to a search engine that will show you all the tags containing the word example. Thus it’s quite easy to organize your content and connect thematically common posts. Tags can also be monitored by the user, allowing it to maintain thematic channels on your network.

Tracking tags

To begin to track tags, search for something then click the button Save this search in the search results. This will add a link to this page in the right column called Saved Searches on your dashboard. You can quickly and easily view all posts on this topic you chose.

To delete a page from your saved searches go back on the same page (by clicking the link on the dashboard) and click on the link Remove from saved searches.

How to use tags to find interesting people in Expressom ?

You can use tags to find interesting new users to follow. For example, if you are a specialist in finance, you can subscribe to tag #finance and keep track of everything mentioned on the subject. Furthermore, it will display people who write about finance.