External Feeds

What are external feeds ?

The external feeds are RSS feeds that could be added to a user's profile or a group. The system checks for new posts every 10 min and automatically publishes posts with links and partial text in the RSS feeds.

If the posts in the RSS feed contains an image it will be automatically parsed and added as an attached image to the generated system post.

The system supports RSS and Atom.

How do I add an external feed to my profile ?

In order to add an external RSS to your profile you need to click on the link Settings in the upper menu. This link leads to the settings panel of your profile and account. Choose subpage RSS feeds in the menu on the left.

Type the URL of the RSS feed in the Feed URL box. In the Filter field you can add keywords that will be used to sort posts. Click on Add Feed to add the RSS.

The functionality to automatically import content from an RSS feed is very useful if you have your own blog and you want to promote content for those users who follow you.

How to add an external feed to a group ?

To add external RSS sources that automatically publish content in the group you have to be an administrator of the group. In the group profile go to the tab Groups Settings and then sub tab RSS Feeds.

Enter feed URL in the box Feed url. In the Filter, you can specify keywords that will be used to sort posts and to choose which posts to be published. Click Add Feed to add the feed.

If you want to add an external source instead of your personal profile to a group you can click here for more information.

How do I filter an external feeds' posts ?

When adding an external RSS source, either to an account or to a group, you can filter what items to import. Use the text box Filter to enter keywords.

After you add a filter, the system will import only those posts from the RSS feed that contain the words from the filter. You can enter several different words separated by comma. Then the system will import every post that contains at least one of the keywords stated in the box Filter.