Think of how many times God has saved you from dangerous situation, you will realize that you need to thank God always
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Praise be the Lord who has done great things for me
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Praise the Lord Another month is almost over. Receive all your delayed blessings now in Jesus name Amen
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At times all may seems so terrible, hold on, put your trust in the Lord. You will come out of that situation a winner
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Is about too hard for the Lord? No way
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I feel so discouraged. Please encourage me
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O God enlarge my coast. You are the great provider
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Sincerely at yimes it seems God is slow to answer prsyers. But what can we do?As for me I will continue to trust in him
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Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Believe me it never fail. I have been in terrible situation before and only my hope in God kept me sane
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The ability to pray is a gift we should ask from God. The more you pray the easier it seems to face life's battles and win. Happy Sunday
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This month, God will turn your sorrow to joy. If you believe say Amen
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As you grow older, be more conscious of your weight and fitness. Eat healthy and watch your weight
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Health is wealth. Be fit and trendy today
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