If you believe say Amen
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God bless real good this month
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Have you prayed today. Prayer is the key to success
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Learn to encourage yourself.
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Forgive your offenders and live a peaceful life
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Thank God is Friday
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Don't focus on the size of the problem, focus on the greatness of the problem solver- God
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A grateful heart is a happy heart. Lord I am grateful
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Right attitude plus gratitude to God brings desired breakthrough.
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The goodness and mercies of the Lord follow you throughout this week
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Thank God it's Friday! Another opportunity to relax and be in God's presence
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Jesus is the reason for my joy today. Make God your source of happiness. If you depend on man, you will be miserable often
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We serve the miracle working God. Oh God, do the miraculous in my life today
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With God all things are possible! Nothing is too hard for God to do. Just believe and trust in Him
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You can never please everybody, don't even try. As long as you do what is pleasing in the sight of God, you have no cause to worry
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Have a smiling week. Put your trust in the Lord
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Stop worrying and start praying. Prayers can never be too much. Delay is not denial, the mountain must be removed. Shalom!
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Are you tired and saddened? Remember, the joy of the Lord is your strength. Praise the Lord always
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Psalm 27: The Lord is my light and salvation, whom shall I fear? This is one of my favorite Psalm. Highly recommended!
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Money can build a house but it takes love to build a home. Show love to someone today
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Thank you Jesus for the grace to be alive and well today. We receive everything good thing you have for us today and reject every plan of the devil in Jesus nam
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From the mouth of babes
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Happy Easter to everyone. Christ is risen. Halleluyah!!!!!
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